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ERGOMATIC is an established solution provider in the marine & industrial fields, supplying high quality equipment and integrated automation solutions.

The company has grown rapidly, becoming a worldwide supplier for all kind of valves and piping equipment as well as automation components and solutions in pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic systems.

Our state of the art facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, automation and calibration laboratories, and an expansive warehouse inventory, have played an important role in the expansion of our activities.


ERGOMATIC’s philosophy is based around ensuring satisfaction of its customers. We aim to create serious, long lasting collaborations, offering direct and continuous technical support.

The human factor is of paramount importance to us, thus we are committed to providing a stable work environment with equal opportunities for learning and personal growth.

We are constantly motivated to follow upon the requirements of the maritime industry, and keeping up with the IMO regulation revisions.

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ERGOMATIC comprises three departments, commercial, technical, and construction, staffed by well-trained personnel with significant experience in their respective fields.


Commercial Department of ERGOMATIC provides a comprehensive program of high quality equipment which is fully appropriate in shipbuilding and industrial sectors.

Our product range includes high quality valves, actuation, automation components, fittings and equipment from trusted leading brands.  

Our sales dept consists of many different specialized engineers offering not only our great variety of products, but complete solutions for your needs.


ERGOMATIC’s technical dept composed of highly skilled service engineers who are capable and available 24/7 of undertaking any kind of automation work, test, repair & recondition.

Our company’s facilities include up-to-date instruments and specialized labs & workshops about pneumatics, hydraulics & electronics.


Our commitment at ERGOMATIC is to provide to our customers with added value to all products, services and our construction team is no exception. Manned by highly skilled electrical & mechanical engineers, you’ll get our support with everything from design, construction and technical support in order to provide turn-key solutions. 

Also, our Construction dept is fully equipped with up-to-date machinery and consists of highly experienced technicians, pipefitters, certified welders, sheet metals workers, mechanical & electrical engineers.

ERGOMATIC MARINE & INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SA is certified by ABS with the latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


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ergomatic sa marine

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